Echo360 Video support for Interactive Video

At Echo360 ( we have been asked by our customers to allow videos captured in our EchoVideo platform to be able to be included in H5P content.

This will require changes to our video platform and to the H5P Video Library and the H5P Editor Php Library. We have completed the changes to the Echo360 platform and they will be released in December. They are testable on our QA environment already.

Pull requests have been made to both these H5P repositories.


All changes are modelled after the existing support for other video platforms such as Youtube.

We already have the changes required to the Echo360 Video platform in our QA test environment and they will be released generally at the end of 2023. We can arrange access to test on our QA system on request.

This has been raised previously in the content creation forum here:

Support for Echo360 Video
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Hi H5P team,

This is a feature that our customers have been looking forward to for quite some time. If the approval process could happen as soon as possible, that would be fantastic. 

Kind regards,


My institution uses Moodle, H5P and Echo360, and really benefit with request being approved.

We're a higher ed institution, and heavy users of both Echo360 and H5P.  
This has been requested for a long time by our end users -- currently they export recordings and then re-import in H5P ... this would simplify that process enormously, and benefit both Echo and H5P

As a higher education institution who are heavy users of both H5P and Echo360 this is a request we often receive.  At present the workaround involves downloading Echo recordings and uploading into H5P - any way of streamlining this process and avoiding duplication would be seen as a big win

Keen for this to be available - any updates on timeframe?

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Hi kevinlyall,

Any updates from our dev or product team will be communicated through the PR that was filed by the OP. Please check the link above.


This would be useful for our h5p and echo users

We have been waiting for this for a long time



we're counting the days till this becomes a reality.

would be really great to have this feature enabled as soon as posssible.

Higher ed users of both H5P and Echo, will be very happy to have this feature.


This is essential for us to use H5P at all - we're really waiting for this! Thank you! 

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Thanks H5P in advance for approval of this great feature

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This would be useful for us as well.

Anticipating the arrival of this excellent addition to H5P functionality!

This would be a VERY useful feature to have.  Please please please...


This would be very useful feature with Echo360-service. Our University would like to see this support from H5P side asap.

Thank you.

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Hi MikkoT,

There no updates yet on the Echo360 integration.


In many institutions there is a requirement to use Echo360/EchoVideo for many videos. Being able to put them in once into one system only would be great. 
Additionally, as the institutionally supported system is typically something like Echo, other teams such as accessibility/disability services teams may need to send away for accurate captions/transcripts of some recordings, this means that these teams can be granted admin access to those systems and make changes on a lecturer's behalf, and updates will then automatically become available. Video recordings can also be replaced in Echo as the source system if they become out of date and need to be updated as a result. 
Using a dedicated streaming service is the preferred option for video, and one that doesn't rely on individuals having their own individual accounts across different non-supported technologies which is always a risk in large schools/institutions if a person moves on to a different role somewhere else and noone else can then access the account or the files.

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There's a pull request by Echo360 that is currently in review. Feel free to track progress at Currently, the ball is in Echo360's court to implement missing functionality on their side.



Wondering how this is progressing - I can see there have been updates in github, but am unsure as to how far away we are from being able to use Echo360 in H5P in a simplified manner.

+1 - would be great to get an update on the planned release timeframe for this feature.
Once this is available will it require an update to the H5P Moodle plugin too?

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You will have to update H5P.Video, but not any plugin.

Has a release date been set for this feature yet?  Doesn't seemed to have progressed very far based on the Github notes

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You don't see any further action on the github pull request, because the change has been merged into the official code base. The H5P side should be good to go, but if you check the ticket system, you will notice some echo related issues which seem to require being taken care of on the Echo side (

Thanks for the clarification