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I've been working with colleagues using H5P in Moodle. One of the points raised was that there is no way to know whether students have interacted with the activities in the course presentation. They worry that students will skip over them.

Activity completion can be applied for a view and a grade but view only says they looked, and grade really only helps if you plan to have a quiz. There is nothing to say that someone interacted with a drag and drop activity for example.

A useful feature would be the option to force the student to complete the activity before they are able to move on to the next slide.

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Hi kyinpn,

I agree with your suggestion. I think there is a need for such feature, to ensure that users actually interacted/used and learned from the activities inside CP.



I would also like to force learners to complete an activity before moving to the next slide.  Has this feature request moved forward? 

Alternatively, is it something that could be achieved with custom JavaScript via hooks (assuming you had your own H5P installation)?



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Hi Andrew,

I'm afraid no one has picked up the project yet.

Regarding using a hook I don't think this is possible but I could be mistaken.