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I don't know if it works as intended, but  When I make a Mark the words activity, the score doesn't work like I'd want. If you have 4 questions, and answer 2 corrects and 2 incorrects, the score is 0, when i want a Score of 2 of 4. Also with the latest version i don't know how to put the options to see Correct answers, and Incorrect ones and Missed ones.


  1. Create a Mark the words activity
  2. Moodle 2.9 and
  3. Desktop
  4. Chrome
  5. 1.5

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Hi KDChronos,

The scoring is by design so that users of the content won't keep clicking the words to get the correct answer.

I'm not really sure I follow your second question. The show solution option shows the user which are the correct answers and if an incorrect/correct answer is clicked it is marked so.


OK, well i think that we could have the option if we want to take one point, or just ignore it. and what i am talking, is that in a previous version we have the ability to use @Correct.. to show the user the Quantity of how many were right, and now, there is no place to put it


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I think these are valid points KDChronos. I am moving this post to the Feature Request forum for better visibility.


I would also like to change the scoring: instead of getting a minus point for a wrong answer, I think the (language) learner should get 0 points for a wrong answer. Could this be changed? Would appreciate it a lot!

- Helmi

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Hi Helmi,

This can definitely be changed. Since H5P is open source you or anyone in the community can make the changes. I have one issue though with a change such as this. If a 0 point is given for a wrong answer the learner can keep on clicking on the words until they find the answer.


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I would also like the option to adjust the scoring within this question type.  Students get points for the answers they get correct and not punished for choosing a wrong answer...they just don't get a point.