Mark a group of words in content type "mark the words"

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Dear friends of H5P,

I would like to work with the content type "mark the words"
to be able to mark groups of words. How could something like this be implemented?
In this particular case, it's about adverbial additions in connection with a sentence structure exercise for German lessons, which can also consist of several words.

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I can't tell you what a good implementation would look like, but the main issue that it will have to work around and the reason why you can only select one word at a time:

If sometimes a group of words was correct and the group would be highlighted and could be chosen instead, then a student would automatically know that choosing this option is correct. Your exercise would be giving away correct answers.

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My H5P Mark the Words 'papi Jo' version provides the option to select multiple words. And also an option Markable correct and incorrect selectable words/groups of words. Incorrect words/groups of words are needed as distracters, so as to not give away the correct answers!

See the documentation (and lots of examples) on my site here:

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Thanks a lot

to Papi Jo and Oliver.