Drop down Quiz

A huge thank you for all the new features this year. A new content type to create a drop down options in a piece of text would make my year!

Here's an example:

Drop Down Cloze

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Hi Ajaensen,

Downloading the sample content and uploding it should install the libraries of this content type.


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Hi Ajaensen!

I don't know why it is not listed on the H5P Hub. Have you tried to download the demo content and to upload that to your platform? If you're the admin (or have the required rights), that should install the library for you.


The Advanced Fill in the Blank is not an content option for Interactive Book. Is there something I can do to add it to the content options?


I love the Advanced Fill in the Blank.  I love that its editor has all the formatting tools I need and also renders LaTeX. Thank you.   Now if it can only do a numeric blank with tolerance, it would be perfect.  Example: if I enter the answer as 0.0035:0002, then answers 0.0033 and 0037 would be accepted as correct; it woud even be nicer if it would also accept 3.5E-3

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We are using h5p.com and are really feeling the absence of an accessible version of Advanced Fill in the Blanks.  Without full accessbility, we cannot add it to our list of available types.  But our language instructors would very much like this option.  Drag & drop doesn't quite give the same level of control and regular Fill in the Blanks doesn't give us the opportunity to scaffold choices.  Is anyone working on this?