Adapt learning (authoring tool) integration

I love using H5P the scope of the exercise types are just fantastic. But a datadriven component with H5P in Adapt would be a true powerhouse to create learning materials in a Open Source enviroment. A H5P iframe already exists but it only collects data from few content types. You also need a drupalinstallation. I would love to have the possiblity to design H5P content from inside Adapt (as you can in Moodle). I hope you will consider to create an integration or maybe involve King's College in doing a more extensive component for adapt.

All the best,



Integration with Adapt learning, Adapt framework, Adapt Authoring tool.
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Hi kabr,

Thank you for the suggestion. We'll definitely look into this :-)


I also think this would be great!

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I hope that you can make it possible :D

I'll follow this topic :) 



This sounds definitely like a great idea!


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Hi Kabr,

I'm the developer who created the Adapt-h5p plugin. We have stopped using it interally for about a year due to the problems you raised.

I actually reached out to Svein-Tore Griff With when I created the plugin to see if there could be any chance for collobration. However both platforms are quite differently structured. Adapt is built for longer courses and it's focus is primarly the corprate sector. H5P focuses on single interactions that can be embedded into web pages anywhere.