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We are using wplms theme for our website.

We have a feature where in At the end of each unit of the training course there will be 5 questions which the attendee has to get 4 out of the 5 correct to proceed to the next unit, if they get less than 4 correct then they will have to do this unit again and will be asked 5 new questions. They will get 2 attempts at the unit if they get it wrong a second time then they will fail the course and have to pay and resit the fully course again.(i.e after he fails for the second time the student must be removed from the course)

So can this work using h5p quiz in wplms? 

Can you please let us know if this is possible?






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Hi sandhyaamweb!

It's at least not possible with using H5P alone. I am not sure what WPLMS is capable of, but I don't think it can use the "result information" (xAPI) that H5P delivers to achieve your solution. Most likely it would require some coding to achieve what you want.

I am sorry that I could not give you a more pleasing answer.


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Hi Sandya, 

Otacke is right.  H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements. 



I highly recommend looking through these documentation as they are a good plave to start: