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My team are currently trying to setup a set of H5P activities for a convenor in Moodle. One of their requirements is that analytics can be generated for the instructors on which particular answers students got wrong/right, number of attempts to get correct, time taken etc, and these can be exported in bulk. My understanding is that Moodle can only generate the overall grade, which is fed into LMS Gradebook.

Has anyone found a workaround for this? I have already submitted a feature request, but was hoping for a quick solution.

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I am struggling with the same problem. 

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Hi to both of you!

Have you already checked out the documentation on analyzing results?


Yes, not sure how to implement / use this? Have you used this before? I may be able to pay for a professionally deployed solution for our school...

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Hi to both of you,

H5P is centered on creating the content and providing the data in this case to the Gradebook. The data is there including which are answered and it is up to the gradebook on how to provide this. I'm not sure how much it provides but if it doesn't give exactly what you need there should be some other plugin that can capture the xAPI statements as well as provide the breakdown of the answers.