Option to Remove Quiz "Check" and "retry" buttons?

I was wondering if there is a way to remove or disable the "check" and "retry" buttons below quiz questions? If this is not possible, I really think this should be an option for those who don't want to allow users to re-do or check if there individual answers are correct. We want reults to be avaialble only on the final reuslts page like most quizzes.

Thanks in advance.

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You may remove "retry" button through unchecking the 'Enable "retry" button' option under the "behavioural settings" menu in the content type editor. "Check" is not possible to remove currently.

You may remove the "check" button using hooks. We would love a pull request for removing/disabling check if you decide to implement it :)

Thanks for the fast reply! I will try the solutions you provided.

We are struggling to determine how to disable the retry button on the question set to provide a single opportunity to attempt the question set. Any help you could provide would be great!  

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Hi, for your convenience it is possible to disable 'retry' for all questions inside a question set through just one option in Question Set.

To do this:
1) Create a question set
2) Find the tab that says 'Settings for "Show solution" and "Retry" buttons' close to the bottom of the Question Set form
3) Select 'Disabled' from the select box under the 'Override "Retry" button' header

This should disable retry for all questions inside question set that allows you to override the retry button visibility option.

You can also go into each of the questions inside question set and find a similar option that will allow you to disable the retry button for only that question for more granular control of the retry button.

I'm looking to limit the whole set from being retried. 

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This is not currently possible in Question Set, you would have to create a feature request or a hook for the content types to get this behaviour.