Dialog Cards don't make sense! (to me anyway)


I have recently started to work with the dialog card module of h5p, however I have found that, for my purposes at least, they just don't make sense.

I need to use them as what are traditionally called flashcards, where there is a question/problem on one side and the answer on the other (the h5p flashcard module does not work in this way as all the information is on one side of the cards).

A common use is for language learning. Typically a word in the native language is on one side and the translation to the language being studied is on the other side. This is possible with the dialog cards. However, when adding in pictures or audio the learning logic seems confused.

Your own examples on the h5p website demonstrate the problem.  The first demo slide is shown in the attached image and the link is here.

Its for learning Spanish. The Spanish word for blueberries is on the front, along with an audio file link.  However there is no need to think about what the word means in English because the picture of the blueberries gives it away!  There is no way to have the picture only displaying on the English side.

However there is another problem.  Ideally I would prefer for the English word to be on the front and to think of the Spanish translation.  This also means there is no problem with the picture being on both sides.  The new problem is that the audio button only appears on the front of the card.  To have the English word but the Spanish audio on the front is not sensible and again reveals what the word is.

So... the ideal solution would be to be able to choose seperate pictures and audio for each side., and to choose whether to display them or not.  The second best solution would be to, by default, make the native word appear at the front of the card (with picture), and the back of the card to have the translated word plus the audio button.

If the dialog cards could be modified to work like this I would be very grateful, and I think they would work far more logically.

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Dialog cards operate confusingly and need modifying
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Hi Adam,

Thank you for a well written suggestion. 


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Ideally the dialog cards activity editor should enable a teacher to have a choice of different pictures and different audio on the front and on the back of the cards.

The "different pictures on front & back" feature was requested and a "pull request" was made in October 2016, but nothing much has happened since then.

Recently I have done a lot of re-factoring work on the Dialog Cards adding lots of new features. When those new features are officially released I might try to work on the "different pictures & audio" feature you require.