Fill in the blanks story

I have a client who writes interactive stories for children. The premise is that the child can "co-author" the stories by adding their own words by filling in the blanks left by the author. Once they are done, I'd like them to be able to download the completed story or print it out. Would H5P be a good fit for something like this? The fill in the blanks seems to partially be a fit for this but the correct word could be any number of words chosen by the children.

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Cool! I think so yes. You could make your own version of fill in the blanks very the check solution stuff is replaced with a download and a print button (and optionally share on facebook etc.) You'll need a developer to make a new version of fill in.

I am a developer... can you point me in the right direction as to what documentation I should be looking at?

This is going on the Wordpress platform 

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I think I would start with the greeting card tutorial and after that you need to put your wordpress site into development mode and start experimenting with the Fill in the Blanks code. When you find missing pieces in our documentation your feedback will be much appreciated!

The download and print features probably won't use the H5P APIs at all so it will pretty much be about js. Do note that the Coursepresentation has a download feature if you want an example to look at.