Want to use the contents in OpenEdx LMS

    I have already created the content using the .h5p, but I want to upload it on OpenEdx (https://open.edx.org/). 
    Is there any possibility to do it?

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Hi pfel_ayush,

There are currently no official plans to develop an OpenEdx integration, however we encourage community members to contribute, if you have developer resources we would love to see this. Integrations keeps popping up from time to time.

Furthermore you can use the embed feature of H5P to include the activities in your site provided that it let's you insert HTML codes in the pages. The drawback with this is that you won't be able to capture the scores of the users.


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OpenEdx features LTI, so in theory it should be possible to make it work with h5p.com.


Is there any way to use .h5p content directly after downloading the content from h5p.org?
how can i enable playing of .h5p content on openEdex platform.

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Hi pfel_ayush!

As BV mentioned, you can embed H5P content (but not use H5P content after downloading without a plugin).

You could register for getting information about h5p.com. It will be released soon and support the LTI interface that I mentioned. It should allow you to seamleassly create H5P content from within openEdX.



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You're welcome ;-)