bigger video files than 16 MB for interactive videos


we want to use a much more bigger video than 16 MB as a base for interactive video. Is it possible to upload a bigger video file than 16 MB (for example 500 MB) - is there any way?

Can you tell us about the options, please!?

Many thanks for your support.

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You could upload your video at YouTube, for example.

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Hi, I have just uploaded a video of about 31 mb and that works great. But is there a limit close to this as a video of 35 mb wouldn't upload.  The system reports from about 30+ mb that the file cannot be found on the server??

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Hi klaashobo,

Where are you creating the content? Are you using a plugin (Moodle, Drupal or Wordpress) or through


I have started a H5P presentation and uploaded a video to youtube, clearly i cannot add direct as it is over 16 mb but is there a way to embedd to a slide?

i am using H5P to create it

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Hi AlastairLeith,

When creating a presentation and hosting the video in Youtube, you can use Interactive Video or Video. This will act as a video player and will similar to streaming a video.


If the video files more than 16MB
May I downloaded the H5P file, and then I exchanged the video files in this data??

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Hi Henry,

The limit is per upload. So for example, if you are creating a Course Presentation and on one slide you placed an Interactive Video using a 10MB video on the next slide you have another IV with a 10MB video the site will accept this. However if you upload a single video that is 17MB it will not be accepted.