adding open questions to interactive video

I find that the ability to add open questions to interactive video could make learning more efficient and thoutfull.

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Hi gilamit,

The open ended question in IV is currently in the testing phase. If all goes well we should be able to include it in the next release. I don't have a timeline yet but it's very soon :-)


Good afternoon

I am currently testing H5P and would like to add open ended questions. Is this question type now available?

Many thanks


Hi - Is it now possible to add in open ended questions?
many thanks


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Hi onlinema,

I'm afraid this is not yet available.


Any undates on the availability of openended questions in the interactive video content?

Have open ended questions been made available yet? 

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Hi Joan!

They have been for a quite a while - but since they require a host system/procedure to pick up the answers, platforms without a gradebook need to a) activate the "LRS dependant content types" and b) you'll have to take care of funneling the answers to a Learning Record Store or some other place. There are some hints at