Presentation that Includes interactive video and audio plus drag and drop

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I'm really proud of this activity I created with H5P. I put in a bunch of content types with the goal of teaching students (well anyone) about a theory that tries to explain how young people get drawn into extremist groups.  I've received a lot of great feedback.  Happy to get more!


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Hi Michael,

Superb layout on the first slide, I liked the way you placed the videos at strategic positions. Although you have a lot of contents on the slide it soesn't look cluttered or overwhelming. On the flipside :-) if you intend to use the Drag and Drop as a knowledge check I think you have to change the draggables to be dropped on all dropzones. If these were intended as a way to help users soak in what was presented then you've achieved that.

A thumbs up to this :-)


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Thanks BV52 for that feedback.  You're so right! Why didn't I think of that?  I'm going to go in and make that change now.


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Hi there,

when I click on that link it says "Page not found" I woudl really like to view your creation. Thanks!


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So sorry about that.  I deleted that version of the activity since I "cloned" it and using the cloned version..  Here's the new link to the activity:

Thanks for your interest in it.  If you've got any feedback I'd love to hear it!




When working with the Interactive Presentations I was wondering where to change the text/title "New link" this is shown if you do not choose to use a button and also when you do use a button when you click on that.  After pushing the button:  







 Please inform us where to change this text and/or add this option.


Thanks in advace, 

Best regards.


Netex Support

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Hi Netex Support,

Looking at your screenshot there is on field missing "Title". There should be a "title"field at the top which is where you place the text for your link. Are you using a PHP-hook to add your own custom CSS or did you customize the libraries of Course Presentation? If so I suggest that you check the code to make sure that you did not hide or remove the title field.