Fill in blanks in the table

Hi folks,

I would like to ask a question. There is a content form 'Fill in the Blanks', i.e. creating a task with missing words in the text. But what I'd like to have is to fill in the blanks in the table, so not in the text. Is that possible anyhow?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi Luliia,

I'm afraid this is not possible with the current content available. Although you could try experimenting with Drag and Drop. If this does not let you do what you are trying to aim for this needs some changes to the code or an entirely new content.

I have moved this post to the Feature Request forum.


I see, thanks a lot for the answer! 


I have the same issue where I want to teach debits and credits with fill in the blanks but it does not work without enabling tables or something ike thay/  I hope this can be enhanced soon as there are few interactive resources for this type of instruction,

I have been collarborating with a skilled programer who believes he has been able to develop a table content type.  However we cannot use it  as the system does not seem to allow running of new content types.  What is the process by which this can be used--is there some type of vetting process that must occur before it can be used?

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Hi holmana,

I think a visit to this page may shed some light.


Hi Holmana


Did you ever get this developed - we would like to use this functionality too.




Hi Luiliia,


Did you ever get this requirement fulfilled we would like the same for tracing variables in programming tasks.



I agree that being able to use tables in fill in the blanks and the drag text activities would be a real bonus.

I got a similar issue. Students should fill in numbers in some cells of a table, get points if the value is correct.

Couldn't find any solutions wether in Moodle nor in H5P apart from rather clumsy Drag & Drop.

Greetings Brigitte

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b.kreplin (and others)

What you want to achieve would be extremely easy if the text editor that is available in the Fill in the Blanks H5P activity provided a "table" button on its toolbar.

1.- It's only a matter of adding a few lines in the Fill in the Blanks library's semantics file, but of course you can't to this unless you are an admin on your site, and it will cause problems when updating the H5P libraries.

2.- Another way of doing it explained here. But again you need to have admin privileges on your site, and I find it extremely complicated to implement. But the advantage is that you do not touch the core H5P libraries.

Here's an example I made after I added the "table" tags to the Fill in the Blanks library's semantics file on my Drupal - H5P local test site (not recommended).

Thank you for your answer.

The example looks great. But unfortunately I am just one of a few users of H5P in our organisation with no programming skills and no admin privileges. I can suggest altering the code but I fear there is no capacity in our Moodle team. Hopefully the feature will be implemented in the core soon.

Greetings Brigitte