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So that:

1. A user answering correctly can jump to a designated set of questions or place in the progress of the content.
For instance; Bill answers Question 4a correctly. He is jumped to Question 5a and doesn't have to answer Question 4b and 4c.

2. Can be taken down a particular line of questioning.
For instance; Jenny selects that she is a teacher from the list dropdown containing Teachers and Technicians. She is then taken to a group of questions for Teachers, not Technicians.

3. Conditional Branching. Is 'awarded' a new set of questions for achieving 70%.
For instance; Isabelle must remain on the Mammal Questions section until she achieves a 70% pass rate for that section. She can then progress to the Amphibian Questions section where she must achieve 75% pass rate to progress onto the Crustacian Questions. Pass rates don't need to increment, but it's a useful feature.

Could something be added in Behavioural Settings or something that says, "If question correct, send to...." (with selectable questions/sections) or for sections, "Loop section questions until....." (could be choices [All questions correct] or [75% questions correct] or [*yourvalue* % questions correct]), etc.

Thanks for listening, Paul.


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We're very interested in implementing adaptivity in H5P in many ways. We have made a microscopic step forward in Interactive Video in terms of this where you may make the video jump to a different location based on whether or not the user answered correctly. We want to create bigger content types that does a lot more adaptivity and we also want to make it as easy as possible for others to create layers of adaptivity and learning analytics around H5P so that H5Ps xAPI reporting may be used to recommend or decide the students next steps.