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Hi Guys, 

Just wondering if it would be possible to enable the VR support (Google Cardboard) from YouTube in the H5P interactive video when it's played. I saw that 360° videos work but can't enable the VR function from Youtube. 

We maybe be able to fund the work.

Can you tell me if it is possible to do and please give me an estimate on cost / time to complete? 



Virtual Reality for Interactive Video
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I've been thinking a bit about how VR would work with Interactive Video, and I think it would be really cool, but it's not something that can quickly be thrown together.

Here are some things that need to be resolved.

  • Double rendering of interactive content (one for each eye).
  • How does the user interact with the content in Google Cardboard? (the device is strapped to their face)
  • Should the interactive content be placed in space, or glued to the viewport?

I think VR probably needs it's own Content Type, and if you would like to fund the work for a prototype, let me know. :)

If not, it is anyway something that I'll experiment with when I get the time (but I have no idea when that will be).

- Tom

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I like that topic and I'd like to help out if I can!

I think that H5P should not stick to Google Cardboard, but also anticipate the successor Google Daydream which offers a controller. Also, thinking of more "higher tech" solutions such as the Oculus Rift, I wonder if there already is some kind of best practice for interaction in virtual environments. It's a field that's still evolving, I guess.

Regarding the placing of content, there will probably scenarios for both options. Some content might not need being placed in space, e.g. general information for some kind of a "common" head up display. On the other hand, there might be interactions that should be directly linked to visible content and should not be glued to the viewport. I'd love to have something like this: ;-)

Is a cool concept to aim for but not sure of the technical requirements. Just talking about here in our office we are trying to nut out how it would be best to have the editor display the content. Should it be a compressed video displaying the the whole video or should it be a psudo 3d environment where the user can rotate the screen as the learner would. On screen graphics/questions would have an option to attach an object to the viewport or in the space at a predefined distance from the viewport. We are thinking the second option.

I also agree with the idea of future proofing but we only need "simple" browser support before worrying about the Oculus type devices.  However that does bring up a point of requiring user input, some of the devices that use Cardboard don't have buttons, could a timer be used in conjuction with the onClick? If the learner looks are an object for long enough (2-3 seconds) it is the same as a click? 

@otacke are you able to develop something like this? Are experienced in developing content types for H5P? 

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Well, I have already created a brand new library for H5P from scratch, but I lack quite some knowledge about the APIs that Google is currently offering for VR next to the YouTube app (if any), and about JavaScript libraries such as three.js for building your own VR solution. Given your apparently tight schedule, I fear that I can't do it all on my own. Sorry.

Thanks for the reply Tom, 

Are you able to contact me over email directly.  

We are interested but are under a fair bit of time pressure. Can you please give me an idea of cost and timeframe required to do this? 

- Steve. 

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Hi Steve, VR is not on the short term roadmap for the Core Team but you can contact us at [email protected] to get a discussion going.

- Tim 

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I have some thoughts on VR. :)

  • Primarily to be used with VR Videos on YouTube (where you can look around 360°)
  • Need to render a Content type two times (one for each eye), but disable any direct input (to keep them in sync).
  • Need the VR-Video component to "drive" the sub Content types
  • Keyboard/gampad input in all Content types
  • Connect a PC to the VR-device using Web Sockets, to allow for keyboard/gamepad navigation

- Tom

Hello everyone

Is there any news on VR support for 360°-videos? I`d love to upload own videos, add interactive features and view them on tethered devices such as HTC Vive. Is that currently possible and if not, will it be developed any time soon?

Best regards

Hello everyone

Is there any news about VR support for 360° videos? I`d love to upload own videos, add interactions and view them over tethered devices such as the HTC Vive. Is this currently possible and if not, will it be developed?

Best regards

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Hi Robert,

Currently there are no ongoing projects from the core and as far as I know no plans in the near future. The good thing about H5P is that it is open source so anyone can create this feature.


Sorry to ressurect such an old thread but it'd be incredible to see VR180 support for Interactive Video, it already does everything so well. I'm currently seeking a VR180 solution that can also do branching interactivity but there's very few solutions out there, and none that are as feature rich as H5P IV.   Near-life and InstaVR are about as close as i can find, neither seem to do timecode jumps like H5P IV.   

A number of manufacturers are releasing modern 5-8K consumer and pro cameras - the timing is ripe!