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It would be useful to decide not just the answer is true or false (correct or not) but the exact point/score which belongs to a specific answer. In this way we could give different points to every answer.

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Weighted Scoring
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Hi Attlia,

again, thanks for the great feature request. I can't promise that it would be done right away but I hope a developer from the community picks it up and contributes the code necessary to get it working. 



i want to create multiple choice quiz which have four options and only one is correct. and user can select only one option. I would like to give +1 score for correct answer and -0.25 for incorrect answer. Is there any way to do so ?

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Hi MathsScienceCorner,

To create a quiz that will have only one correct answer and user can only choose one option by using Single Choice Set but in regards to the scoring there is a need to make changes to the code for that to happen.


Hi BV,

can you tell me which script is responsible for the score, so that I can change it. I Can't find it and need a way to change the kind of negative points or better - to disable the negative points. Where can I do that? Is there a way?

Thank's Elmar


I would like to revitalise this question as I have the same: How do I change the scoring settings?

The minimal option needed would be to disable negative points for wrong answers, not only in MC questions, but e.g. also in fill in the blanks and other question types.

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I think this was discussed a couple of times on this forum over the years. If you disable negative points for multiple choice questions, you can simply check every answer option without even looking at the exercise - and get the maximum score. If I remember correctly, that's why the H5P core team will not implement this.