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Hello everybody,

I really like the interactive videos und the opportunity to use links to youtube-videos for that feature. However, in my (educational) organisation there ist a technical regulation that says: if we use youtube-Links in moodle we have to use the "enhanced privacy mode" (When you turn on privacy-enhanced mode, YouTube won’t store information about visitors on your website unless they play the video). To use the enhanced privacy mode, the embed-link starts with "" instead of

Unfortunately, if we try to use "" for a h5p interactive video, the plugin says "unknown" and it is not possible to use that video.

E.g. it would be necessary to replace "" by "". But in the current version the nocookie-Link does not work.

Is it possible to implement youtube-nocookie-links, too?



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I think this is a good suggestion, and I have created a ticket on it, so it can be implemented.

- Tom

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You could extract the video ID from "no-cookie URLs" easily, but AFAIK there's no way to use the YouTube Iframe-API to create a player that doesn't use cookies.


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Hi Uwe,

Thank you for the information. They may help the developer create a solution for this issue.


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anything happened on the subject yet or rather if someone found a work-around.

Thank you for your help,

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Hi Wolf!

There's a pull request to change the behavior ( It uses an undocumented setting of YouTube's API. The pull request is waiting for review since December 2019 however. I hope that the H5P core team will find some time to have a look at it soon.