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Would it be possible to add additional options to the Image Hotspots function, so that you can choose between having to click on the individual hotspots, or simply mouseover them instead. And could it be made that you can select what the icon looks like for the hotspot on the front end, rather than just the cross. Even if it's just so that you can select an icon using something like FontAwesome Icons?

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your good suggestions. They are noted!

- Tom

I updated with my idea for this feature. Cross-posting so Dave sees this.

Mobile browser and mobile app doesn't support mouseover. Don't use mouseover. 

The "Click" function support  web and mobile, like your finger touch spot.

I wanna change hotspot icon, but I don't know which file and where is it on the moodle.

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Hi kangland, 

the image hotspot icon can be found in the source code here:

Although it is possible to develop H5P using Moodle, I highly recommend using Drupal as it has a more integrated development environment. 

Have a look at the developer documentation here:

Hi Tim,

Thank you for reply.

I know it can change in the source code. 

But I don't know where directely change code on the moodle .

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I recommend setting up a drupal environment as it is much easier to prototype new content types.