H5P for blackboard and general questions

Is it possible for H5P to be supported/hosted on blackboard (an LMS)? And has anyone found a way to collect scores form an interactive video quiz and send them to an admin? And do any of you have any advice on how to add H5P content to a given website?


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H5P for Blackboard is available now through H5P.com

  1. I'm not familiar with Blackboard, but if they support iframe embedding it should be possible
  2. H5P makes results available following the Tin Can/xAPI standard. Both Drupal and Wordpress stores the results and makes them available for the content authors. Content authors can access the results via a tab on the content itself. Need to do some coding to move the results to Blackboard, but it will be there once we support the IMS LTI standard.
  3. If it's a Drupal or Wordpress site the best way by far would be to install the Drupal/Wordpress H5P plugin on that site, if not you could create the content here on H5P.org and use the iframe embed option to embed it on the given website
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What's strange for me is that I can embed an example H5P into Blackboard and it appears just fine, but when I use the embed code provided for an H5P item from my wordpress site it does not appear in Blackboard. My guess is that this is on the LMS side, but just incase you're thinking this route it may be an issue.

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I assume your WordPress site does not use SSL/TLS encryption?

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Thank-you otacke! I had SSL certificates on my sites but they weren't forced to load the https version of the site. I got that sorted and now it looks like it's working. You helped me with two problems at once. I appreciate it.


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You're welcome. Glad I could help.

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Are you seeing any errors or warnings in your browser console (press F12 on the keyboard)?

- Tom

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Thank-you for the reply Tom, I think I've got it sorted out now that the WP sites are loading https. If problems persist I'll try the warnings/errors next.


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Is there a way to use XAPI to get learning analytics on Blackboard? 

I've been able to do this at our institution in Wordpress but since we moved to the paid H5P.com version I'm at a loss on how to gather learning analytics from the exercises.

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Hi Paul,

Check my answer here.