Voice over on an Interactive Video

 Hey, I'm a master's student in Education and I've created a learning object through an Interactive Video. I'd like to know if there's the possibility of adding voice over the video after having muted the original sound and, If yes, how. I've seen that this is possible in the Course presentation, but there's no such icon in the interactive video section.

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Hi Ioannis Zafras,

You are correct audio is not available as a content in Interactive Videos. I moved this post to the Feature Request forum.



any update on this feature? as we are now in 2022 ^_^ 

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Hi nawras!

It's 2022, true, but you seem to expect all feature requests that are posted here will be turned into code? I am sure the H5P core team would love to fulfill all wishes, but they have limited resources and may have to prioritize other things - and some things may simple be off the chart. Also, H5P is openly sourced, and the H5P community could contribute the code directly or fund it. Hardly ever happens.

In your particular case: ticket 3500 ...