adding subtitles to videos

Hi again,

Second request but a close contender to my favorite wish, I would like to add .ass, .ttxt,  .stl, or .ssa files to interactive videos, for subtitles supporting color and other features coded in the subtitle file.




Subtitles for Video
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Hi Maude,

I think this is a good suggestion. It will especially be beneficial for people with hearing impairment, using material created in H5P.

- Tom


I'll add language integrity as well...Those automatic subtitles that sometimes appear on youtube videos almost always massacre language at some point during the video, which is ever worse for learners, because they initially trust content and then the unintelligible nonsense shows up... And they look so ugly.

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Hi Maude. I've had some varying experience with automatic subtitles too. Thanks for you input!

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I agree, this is something very much needed in Interactive Video.

You input in valued. Thank you.

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Great feedback! Will be done when we do the accessibility upgrade for Interactive Video. Already have support for captions for video in general, but not the video in Interactive Video.

and it could last all year if h5p is able to simplify the encoding process for us non-tech kind of people, especially the .ass file from Aegisub :-) 

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I think the main format supported would be WebVTT, as it is open and supported by most browsers. I don't believe H5P will be doing any conversion between different subtitle/caption formats.