Colapsable text in course presentation

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I'm trying to put some text in a collapsable way (like accordion activity) inside a Course Prentation activity, I know that html in text is not already supported so I didn't find any solution.

The idea es show an audio to the student and put the audio text in a collapsable link, just in case they want to read it. The audio is to long to put visible the complete text.

Dialog Cards could be a provisional solution, but not an option.

If some one could give me a hint on how to achieve this I'll be very thankful!

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Support for audio in Accordion, and support accordion in CP
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Hi Sebastian, that sounds like an excellent idea! 

Nothing like that exists yet, unfortunately. I'm thinking that it would be a whole new content type that would need to be inserted into Course Presentation. I've added a summary to it so it will be viewable in our internal feature requests list. 

In the future, I'm anticipating a proliferation of niche content types made by the community. Hopefull we can get there soon. 

Keep the ideas coming :) 

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Great to hear that :)

I found a workaround, I've put the audio text a text field , or something like that, and activated the "show as a button option" So now, the audio text is showed in a round info button near the audio and when the user click on it, it shows a popup windows with the text.  


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Hi castelmager, if you could share some screenshots it might help future h5p creators who may stumble upon this post :)