More formatting options for text?

Can we have more formatting options for text content item in the popup? 

Is it possible to align all the popup content in the desired way without going to CSS? Like attached image.

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Hi Pasupathi,

I answered your other post and below is my answer. If you prefer the 2nd option I can move this post to the Feature Request forum.

There are 2 ways to make these changes.

1. Make the changes yourself or if you know someone who has developer experience. You can look into these documentations for more details in making changes to the contents.

2. Create a feature request, in order for your feature request to attract as much interest as possible make sure it follows the below guidelines:


  1. It is clear from every perspective how the feature will work. We recommend describing the feature with one or more user stories, for instance “As an author I want it to be possible to pick between different effects for the check answer animation so that the learners will see a variety of effects and also I can adapt the effects to my target audience(I’ll be using pink unicorns which works really well for both my target audience which are 4 year old girls and venture capitalists)”

  2. If the feature can be illustrated with images or videos it always helps

  3. Make it clear what content types this is relevant for, and or if this is a new content type


Make sure you post the feature in the Feature Request forum.


Can we have this feature added to a Feature request? I am sure this will have a huge impact as many Content editors will look to get their Content formatted directly and don't want to depend on developers.

Coming to use case,

  1. I want the content writer to have more look and feel options with WYSIWYG editors. He should be provided with various options like attaching an image to the text area, Formatting the content with more style options and Etc.,
  2. Refer Content editor with better options.
  3. This editor option will work great with Text type content added to Image hotspots.
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Hi Pasupathi,

Thank you for the additional information. I have moved this post to the Feature Request forum.