Enforcing fullscreen on a play event on landscape


This feature request is related to the Interactive Video content type.

As a developer it would be great if there were some function we could call that would allow enforcing fullscreen on landscape through a play event. At the moment this works on portrait for mobiles but not landscape.



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Hi Bez,

Thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.


Hi, so is there any way that I can see whtehr my feature request is currently being considered?


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Hi bez.lashkari,

The core team has a list of what is planned for the upcoming months and you can read it in the Roadmap. In terms of a community driven feature they would normally post in forums of the project/s they are working on which in most cases they are asking for assistance from the community to help them beta test.