real fullscreen mode of Course Presentation in iOS Safari

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I've noticed that the fullscreen mode of the Course Presentation doesn't hide the chrome of Safari in iOS. The user still always sees the address bar at the top and the navigation buttons at the bottom. This is a pity, as I'd like to use the Course Presentation module in a mobile phone BYOD setting at my school and many pupils have iPhones. The way it currently is, a lot of screen size is wasted because you still see the chrome and the presentation itself has noticable margins on the left and right because it resizes by keeping the aspect ratio.

I know that fullscreen mode is not really supported by iOS Safari, however, there seems to be a project that manages to achieve something like it:

I've tested it on my iPhone and it indeed manages to enter something like a fullscreen mode. Would it be possible to include this library into the Course Presentation module?


True full screen in iOS
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Hi Sebastian, 

that's definitely something that should be done. I've made a note of it and hopefully a developer from the community sees this and picks it up. 

- Tim