Audio recording element for Course Presentation

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I'd love to have an audio recording element in "Course Presentations" that allows users to record their own voice with a microphone and then directly play their recording. This element is supposed to make possible more effective pronunciation lessons in language courses. For example, a slide could include some text, reference voice recordings of the teacher and a widget that allows the user to record their own voice to compare it to the teacher's recording.

I've attached an image of how the element / widget could look like.

The element could have these characteristics:

  • lightweight UI (just recording + play button)
  • selection of microphone input device and volume through a dialogue opened by right clicking on the widget or opened by a small button only visible when hovering over the widget
  • recording button flashes when recording
  • no permanent storage of recorded audio
  • implementation with html5 only and possibly a Flash fallback

Further ideas:

  • automatic displaying of device selection dialog when recording is silent for a longer period
  • microphone button display input levels when recording by filling up from the bottom

It would also be interesting if it was possible to store the recording for review by the teacher, but I think this is something that would require to derive a new content type from course presentation that enables this.

At tomaj mentioned that the H5P Core Team is already working on audio recording capabilities.

I would be interesting in contributing this feature myself or coordinate your efforts with mine.


Audio recording
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I think something when wrong when attaching the image, so here it is.


Hi, can audio be played automatically when each slide is loaded. Please let us know if you have found out how. Thank you

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Hi manisub,

Yes there is an option in Audio for it to auto-play. I attached the screenshot in this thread.