Can't replace h5p content

Hello, first of all, thanks for this amazing plugin. I will try to do my best with english language for you to understand my problem.

I would like to translate some lines as "Retry", "Show solution" etc from french to russian, in different contents. I tried to do this with the content "Single Choice Set", so I downladed this content from your site, and I changed some lines in the fr.json which is in the H5P.SingleChoiceSet-1.8/language directory with JSON Editor Online.


An example :  "englishLabel": "Label for the \"Retry\" button",
                      "label": "Texte pour le bouton \"Recommencer\"",
                      "englishDefault": "Retry",
                      "default": "Начать сначала"

Then I replace the old fr.json by this new fr.json with some modifications in the H5P.SingleChoiceSet-1.8/language directory. After I uploaded the single-choice-set-1515.h5p in the h5p library of my wordpress, I have no error message. But when I create a new Signel Choice Set content, all the lines are still written in french. Am I doing something wrong?

I tried to edit from french to french, to be sure that the problem does not comes from language, but it doesn't work anyway. I tried to find the content's h5p files in my FTP server but I could not, I also tried to find a way to delete a content from the libraries but I can't press the delete button.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could help.

Content types: 
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Hi! Which platform are you on, WordPress, Drupal or Moodle? 

Normally the content types aren't updated if the same version already exists. However, you can temporarily enable a special development setting that will force the content to be updated, thus updating your translation as well. For Drupal, this setting is on the settings page, for WordPress and Moodle they have to be set in the config.php file.

// Moodle:
$CFG->mod_hvp_dev = 1;

// WordPress:
define('H5P_DEV', true);

Remember to remove it once you're done uploading so you don't run into any issues later.

If you ever decide to translate everything for a content type I hope that you'll consider sharing it with the rest of us. More information about translating can be found on the Contributing page under the sections Translating and Content Types.

I hope this was helpful.

Hi icc. It was very helpful, it worked ! Thank you very much. I will translate everything for some contents type in russian and will share it with the community. It's the least I can do. (I'm on wordpress)

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That's great to hear! Thank you.