No Full Screen Button on Mobile

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I am embeding H5P slides into LearnDash on WordPress, but I can not see full screen button. I inspect the HTML and found DIV for h5p-footer-toggle-full-screen is completely missing on mobile. I also test to embed H5P I create on, also did not show full screen button. Is this a bug or intended?

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WordPress 5.0.4

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Test all of them on iPhone, none of them work

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Course Presentation (1.20.4)

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Content types: 
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Hi darkkid,

Do you have a sample content that we can check?


Hi BV52,

I include the login infomation in the attached file. After you login, go to for sample H5P content. FYI, I found that full screen button will show on my iPad (10.5''), but not on my iPhone SE.

- Yuji

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Hi Yuji,

Thank you for the information, I will check this for you and get back to you with my findings.

Note: I removed the attachment for security purposes.


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Hi Yuji,

I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.


Thank you!