Quotation to improve Branching scenario and-or Course presentation with iframe embeder



I would like to know if it could be possible to add iframe embedder in course presentation & branching scenario, in order to use them in Moodle.

(The goal is to to be able to use some Moodle activity with iframe in H5P (course presentation & / or branching scenario), to allow for example to upload an odt, doc or ods xls in a assignment activity embedded in H5P - please note that this solution maybe need that Moodle could give iframe url of these activities, we are investigating this, and this is not asked for this quotation).

If yes, someone that could offer this prestation could tell me approximatively how much does it cost ? (you can contact me if you want here : https://www.open-elearning.com/contact ) And I will check after with the customer to see if it could be ok and if he need a more detailed quotation. If it could be ok, we also hope that this improvment will be reversed to the community, if the project leaders thinks that it's a good idea.[edit : for responsive reasons, it seems that it's not a good idea, but in our context, we are still interested]

User story:

As an author, I want a good ergonomy in my H5P course presentation or Branching Scenario on Moodle. I can need somme Moodle activty that are not possible with H5P (e.g. ask to the student to upload a file that the teacher will evaluate), or others nice things that are in the web). But to improve the ergonomy, I don't want that he has to go on other url (today solution is to put an url in H5P CP or BS to go to the Moodle activity), and after, have to come again on H5P Course Presentation or Branching Scenario. So if he could upload his document directly in H5P it could be great to avoid him a difficult navigation.

Technical solution :

Adding in Moodle the possibility to have an iframe builder for activities with a new Moodle plugin and having the possibility in H5P CP and BS to add an iframe, as we can add a video for example or an exercice. A lot of authoring tools allow this possibility.

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