hotspot [X] should close the pop up window

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Just a little bit of feedback for your consideration:

When the user clicks an incorrect hotspot and the response bubble pops up, the point of interaction is marked with a red X in a light red circle. This looks like an interactive element, in fact, it is similar to the "close window" X that appears in the top right corner of the box responding to a correct answer.

What I am finding is my students are clicking the X (to no effect) rather than the refresh icon to try again.

Rather than changing this red cross for another icon, a simple solution might be to simply make it function as anticipated (do the same thing as the refresh/reload icon). What do you think?

hotspot interface idea
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I Wednesday!

The change that you suggested just took a couple of lines of code ... I created a pull request that needs to be reviewed.


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Hi Oliver,

Thank you for the code.

Code review request created and you can follow it here.