Find the Hotspot

'Find the Hotspot' displayed as a slideshow

Relating to 'Find the Hotspot' it would be nice to have the option to slide an image so that you can find one specific hotspot after another on the same image. Right now I have the same image placed one below the other and the display is very confusing.

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Find the Hotspot xAPI event misses result

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The xAPI event statement misses result part. 
This was working with version 1.8.13 - it was fine for as long as I can remember. 
After updating the library to version 1.8.17, the issue is present. 

BTW.: Was the version 1.8.17 meant to be released? I do not see it at: 

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Clicking hidden hotspot to trigger a new image/slide

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to trigger a hotspot (the correct one) on one screenshot which then navigates to a new slide where the user has to find the next hotspot?  The idea being to test the user in an assessment - i.e. where do you click on the screen to access x?