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Sharing between H5P online and wordpress


My colleague uses wordpress to host H5P and I have been using the free version.  If I create something in the free version, download (using reuse button) and send the H5P files to my colleague, are these files safe when the free account ends or will the files be permanently deleted from both accounts? 


Creating an "End of Quiz" link to move forward

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I've been using the Quiz options in H5P in my Moodle (v3.8) portal to create quizzes. However, I've found that whenever students complete their quizzes, they would have to close that browser window, in order to get back to the previous tabbed page. 

Is there a way to put a URL link at the end of the quiz, so students can "just click" to move forward to another topic/quiz or wherever I'd want them to move forward to? Although this is available in the Interactive Video option, where I can set a pop up window at the end of a video that allows URLs to be linked.