Single Choice Mark the Words


I really like the Single Choice set exercise and it would be GREAT if the answer choice could be incorporated into the initial sentence , rather than listed vertically below it, which would be a combination of Mark the Word AND Single Choice. Is this possible? Thanks.


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1 I really need a new computer.



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Hi Nyree,

Would you mind elaborating your request. 


Yes, of course,

Hello BV 52

Basically, my request is to replicate the behaviour of Single Choice into the format of Mark the Word. So Mark the Word becomes a single choice activity (rather than unlimited choice as it is currently).


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Hi nyree,

Thank you for the additional information and just to make sure that I understand it correctly. Once a student chooses an answer they cannot choose any other option thus it gets scored from their choice. I hope this gets picked up by the core team or someone from the community as it is a neat idea.



Fingers crossed that it will be implemented.