Personality quiz - unpredictable results

I made a personality quiz with 4 personalities (A, B, C, D) and 3 questions with 4 answers each. Each answer is assigned to 1 personality.

When I answer the quiz with 1a, 2a and 3b I would expect that the result would point to personality A, but that isn't always the case.

And suppose somebody answers 1a, 2b and 3c, what will happen then?

And then another question, a feature request really: is it possible to randomize the answers?

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I'm afraid the Personality quiz for H5P is of limited interest. It's more a "game-like" activity.

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  1. I am not able to reproduce the bug you are describing. Do you have a .h5p-file you can post here. Maybe we can find out what happened?
  2. Sorry, but randomization is not available to this content type

- Tom


I was able to get this working as expected, although I did have a reliability problem at first. For me it turned out that the problem was that the answers couldn't have spaces. So the answers had to be "Answer1,Answer2,Answer3" and not "Answer1, Answer 2, Answer 3". I reported that so hopefully it'll get. Fixed soon.

Regarding your second question. If you a gave a personality quiz with 4 personality types, three questions with four answers each, you have a lot of combinations that are indeterminate. How would YOU score the scenario you gave?

My quiz has four personality styles, but just two questions with two answers each. Any combination of answers points to one clear result. And it works flawlessly.