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I'am french and I search for a solution to integrate videos of teachers and students in a private school in Bordeaux. We use Moodle also but Moodle is not a streaming plateform and can't support weight of videos . I learn than we can integrate H5P in Moodle. So it's a good new for us. I have got questions :- How to integrate H5P in Moodle ?- Could we translate the interface of H5P in french language ?- Did we have to host H5P like we made with Moodle ?
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You ask "Could we translate the interface of H5P in french language ?-" The H5P for Moodle interface is already translated into French. I suggest you ask further questions on the French Moodle forum at https://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=20.

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There are default french translations for Moodle both in the editor and in the separate libraries. You may modify the library texts however you want. An introduction to how to get started with H5P in Moodle can be found at: https://h5p.org/moodle

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Hi Nina,

  1. You can get the h5p plugin for Moodle on the moodle plugins website
  2. As Papi Jo said, most of the stuff should have good French translations now. If you want to help with translations, we've just started using crowdin for this. Just create an account, and join the projects to help. If you need translations for content types that are not in this list, please send an email to [email protected], to request it to be added.
  3. You only need the h5p plugin inside Moodle, no need to host anything extra
  4. Video hosting can either be done within the limits of Moodle, or importing from an other service on the web, like YouTube, or Vimeo.

- Tom


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We're putting Crowdin on hold for now until some issues are sorted out with the integration. 

trying to understand what moodle plugin provides. it looks like if i am allowed to edit in Moodle I can add resource h5p, yes? then plugin connects me to h5p where i build my content. where is this content stored - on h5p? on Moodle? (for example interactive video). then I save the content to my Moodle location, yes?

how is this differnet from copying embed code into a moodle page?

do I have to have my own h5p account to do this? or can I set plugin to connect using a specific signon?

does the plugin allow any connection to the Moodle Gradebook?

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Norwich University

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Hi Jon,

The H5P plugin for Moodle will allow you to create activities with the type of interactive content you select. I.e. you can create one activity that is a multiple choice question and another that is an interactive video. Advanced content types like interactive video may contain subsets of interactive content, meaning you can insert multiple choice, fill in the blanks(cloze test) and etc into the video and they will appear at the time codes you specify.

If you use the plugin the content is hosted on your Moodle installation. If you do not wish to use the plugin you may create content on h5p.org and then embed the content into any website. Please note that using embed will not store the results in the Moodle Gradebook, using the plugin will.

Note that you need a free account to create content on h5p.org.

If you wish to use H5P embed with result tracking there is a service coming that will support this: H5P SaaS