Video not supported (CORS + HTTP basic authentication) - no authentication prompt


since one of the last updates, we don't get our videos to play successfully. 
Interactive videos created before the update still work. 

We thought it's solved by setting up CORS correctly, but it's still not working.
Our videos are protected by a basic HTTP Authentication using .htaccess but the dialog for the authentication does not appear, causing a 401 (Authorization Required) in the browser console. 
It seems that the compatibility with the basic authentication is broken since the CORS update.

This is a sample video demonstrating the issue. 

It'd be great if you could look up into this issue. 

Thank you!

I've created a ticket here:

and also mentioned it here:




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Hi philpav,

Thank you for reporting this and thank you for filing the bug report in Jira/Github. The core team will look into it and will provide feedback as soon as possible.


Dear BV52, 

thank you for looking into this!