New content type ideas

I would love to see these three types available from h5p someday:

1. Metronome, with tempo/time signature controls (I saw someone recently on the forum saying they were developing music ed related types, so I think this would be a fantastic addition)

2. Randomized "dice roller": with one or more configurable "dice", each containing 2 - ? potential options (images, numbers, words, whatever), and when the user presses the button, the dice are rolled and each time they produce a random combination. Great for probability, and other activites.

3. Flash cards already exist, but I would love to see them also randomized. It seems a bit strange to me that the deck always progresses in the exact same order, which defeats the purpose of flash cards, I think?

H5P is GREAT! Thanks so much for a fantastic product.

Content types: 
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Hi Jamtpg19!

1) Shouldn't be difficult (but it's a little off the online learning track).

2) Is already on my list of TODOs at I am planning to build that one at a kind-of-hackathon in November if I find the time.

3) There's already a pull request for that feature at