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Warm Greetings! Awsome updates and new content types love the additions... I like this content type alot and I'm trying to use it in grade 4 it has great potential if we could use multiple images not just 2... in essence it will be like a timeline of images or so.. order could be like before 》after 》after that》 finally... this will make writing easier sequence of events, 3d objects like cells cross sections.. or anything that uses layering. ..

I was wondering also if we could bring back game board this is an important content type for k-12 schools... 

Lastly, is there a plan to make something like video conferencing but instead of video a teacher could send content/activities to the students ... this is really  big but would be great to have it as classroom content type where students log in to a class and then the teacher asigns them activities/h5p content students must complete them... . Does this make sense or am I talking nonsense. ..

Thoughts for sharing!!!

Warm Regards,


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Hi F!

Glad that you like Image Juxtaposition. Small improvements have already been implemented, but not released yet. Can you spot them?

I think what you're describing might be a nice feature, but I wonder whether Image Juxtaposition should be adapted to accept more than two images, or whether a new content type should be created. It could feature a slider below the image area, and it could be used to gradually blend from one image to the next. Does this make sense and grasp what you have in mind?

I already have a name that I'd suggest for this content type. Obviously, it should be called Agamotto ;-)



Wow that's interesting.... yes I agree with you ... checked out the enhancements very nice indeed can't wait to give it a try. ..

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What if "Agamotto" also had an optional text area, and its contents changed as well when sliding? Just an idea ... What do y'all think?

Woooo... do you mean like question and answer. .. mate that would be very nice indeed. .. or spelling word and deffintion this content type should get more attention. .. or word and picture for younger grades or word amd synonme.. very exciting stuff ...

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I was thinking about something like in the sketch that I attached.


OOhhh wee.. that would be so beneficial in k-12 schools. .. my I am sure I can use this in every single lesson... this will be a great addition..

well done!!!... can't wait for the release.... I saulte you... one detail that might enhance the end user focus is! the transitioning will it be possible to make the transition slider.... snap into position with ease.. I can't quite explain this but to easily but not quickly find the next image.. does that make sense? 

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Makes total sense, and it is possible. Thanks for your suggestion!

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Now we have a snappy snap option ... :-)

Looking super... waiting for release. ..

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There are some more things to do (especially cleaning the code a little bit), but I think I will find enough spare time to polish everything this week.

I would like to thank you for all your contribution and hard work in behalf of the h5p community. ..

Hi I was just wondering if we could make it touch enabled.... just a thought in other words the picture or text could have this slide to the right or left.. not only the slide button easier on touch devices..

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Thanks for the suggestion. Have you already updated to the latest version via the H5P hub? If yes, there might be a bug because I added that feature already and it seemed to work on Android devices and iOS devices alike. Just let me know, please.