change "Check" to "submit"

Hi all.. first post here and thnx for a great Drupal addition..

Im adding a multiple choice question and simply wish to know which files I need to be editing to change the word "Check" to "Submit"..

I've edited all the values in "question.js" but that didn't seem to do anything.. any help appreciated.


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Hi Nicely chilled,

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  1. The easiest way to change some text in Multiple Choice or another content type is to do it backend in the editor. There are settings for "Text overrides and translations" at the bottom. See example image below:
  2. You can also do changes to the translation files, but that will be a big hassle to keep up to date, as new versions of multiple choice are released.

Have a great day!

- Tom

Ahhhh..  As simple as that..  Ty Sir.. :)

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Happy to help!