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This is not a bug, but just somehting that causes unnecessary confusion. In the drag and drop activity (not the drag the words, but the drag and drop), I suggest removing the ability to include a background image in the settings tab. Instead, simply keep the ability to add images in the Task tab. Adding images there (in the task tab) is much more flexible, allowing for easy resizing and re-placing. Here's the confusion: since there's exists the ability to add an image in the settings tab (and the tutorial instructs you to do so), you think that's where you should add your image/s. But when you do so, you find the image takes up the whole screen, and there's no room for your draggable elements - then you have to go back and play with your image so it has some white space, rsave.... and on and on with unneccessary work. When if you just add that/those image/s in the TASK tab, you have way more flexibility. 

Move where background image is set
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Thank you for your opinions, we will process the issue and get back to you.

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Hi Akaskens,

I move this post to the feature requests"forum. as it is more of a request for change, then a bug.

There is a difference between way the image is used in the settings and task tabs, so it might be difficult to change that. The background image from the settings tab has some guaranties, that makes it look good when scaling the Drag and Drop to smaller or larger devices, or space it's allowed on a page.

That said. Drag and Drop really needs a makeover to make it easier to use. So we really appreciate all suggestions! Thanks!

- Tom

I've started doing my images in word and adding a box under the image so that I can put all the draggables in the box.  

An example: https://h5p.org/node/71501

nice! thanks for sharing.