strange issue with missing library's.

I have a strange error, with H5P, and after much, much, much research, I stil don't have an answer...
we're using Moodle 3.5 as a platform, but... upgrading to 3.6/3.7/3.8 did NOT solve the issue unfortunately.

Reaching out to the community for the much appreciated help!

what's the issue(s):

1: interactive video not (allways) playing:

When I add an interactive video to my course, it shows in the editor:

After saving the content, It does not show:


Updating the library did not fix this issue. neither did changing the theme. 

I did however got a error message in my console-log:


2: Drag and drop not showing editor:

in the content type "drag and drop", i'm not getting the editor:


As you can see, I get a [field:group:wizard:question] error, which I cannot seem to solve.

Also here: updating my libraries did not work...

Page is also not showing content:

and I'm getting console log errors too:


Can you help me with these 2 issues? I am stuck in trying solving this....


Thank you in advance, 
Daniel Dubbeldam

some content types give errors