Flashcards: take cards out of the deck

For me the flashcards should have the option to take a card out of the deck when the question is answered right.

How will that work?

I create a deck of cards, lets say 50 words with a translation.
When I play the deck the first word comes along, I think of an answer and flip the card.
THERE I will like to see two buttons: CORRECT and INCORRECT (or something else)
When clicked CORRECT the card should be taken out of the deck during this play
INCORRECT questions wil stay in the deck and reappear some time later.
After some time the deck will be empty and alle questions are "known".

The next time I just start with the complete deck, but time spend here will be shorter every time.


flashcards out of deck
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I have been working on that feature for some time now, and hopefully the H5P core team will make it available in a forthcoming version. You are welcome to test a beta version on the quizzes page of my garden site. Try the Common name to Latin name or the Find plant names activities. Please read the Instructions and the Credits texts for more info.

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So you're the Flashcard genius! Very elegant. Plus:

I love the way I can press Enter and get feedback in two places simultaneously. Very nice!

What are the chances that you could give us the option to press Enter a second time to move to the next card?