How to add the plugin and create new content



I have several questions, I haven't used H5P before, but I have a website with wordpress and LearnDash, and I'd like to create content for this website. Apparently, I have to install the plugin, but I don't find the link and my other question is about the creation of content, I found exemples of content and when I go to the link get started, then I go to another website and I must pay for this one. I thought H5P was opensource, so I don't know what the payment is for, apparently, it is to save your creation, but I want to safe my content on ly website.

Is there a tutorial or some help please ?


Thank you very much! 


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Hi Thais,

You can check this documentation for installing the plugin in Wordpress. In terms of creating content, once installed you will have an additiional option in the left panel for H5P. You can also check these documentations on how to create H5P contents.