Get results user in h5p page WordPress

I use h5p in WordPress and it's almost perfect. I know there's a lot of talking about viewing results of users. I teach and I need that, but a LMS solution is too big for what I want.

I teach and I would like to view the results of individual users, in the way they see the results themselves. So when I open a page with an h5p embedded, I would like to see the answers as a user does (example: Fill in the Blanks).

Is there a way to load the results of an individual user, just the same as they see it. (without using a WordPress plugin where I log in as that user). That means I need to adapt the 'load results' function so that I can pass a userID and load the results of a different user in that page.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



Get results user in h5p page WordPress
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Hi Hollandse Meester!

No, you can only see the results from a content's perspective (seeing all the results of all users for that content). That's be a new feature that has to be funded/implemented.