Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive - but ZipArchive is turned on!

Hi all, I've read the posts from people who have seen the error message "Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive". They seem to resolve it by getting their host to turn on ZipArchive for them.

So I went directly to my host already (SiteGround) and they are confused since I'm on php 7.1 and libzip is enabled:

/usr/local/php71/bin/php-cli -i | grep zip

gzip compression => enabled

bzip2 compression => enabled


Libzip version => 1.1.2

I'm not sure what else to ask the host to do, because I'm still getting that error but it seems my version of php *does* support ziparchive. 

Wordpress 5.3.2, php 7.1, h5p 1.15.0.

Any ideas?

Zip Archive error when libzip is available
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Hi Mike!

To the best of my knowledge, ZipArchive is an optional module that is integrated into PHP and simply needs to be activated while libzip is a third party library for handling zip archives. I assume that libzip doesn't (fully) implement whatever interface is expected to be provided by ZipArchive, so just having libzip won't help you here.