A new content type - "Word Cloud"

I'd like to suggest a new content type - "Word Cloud"

Word Cloud is a data visualization technique, used for representing text data, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency. 
The content type would be a collaborative one - it would have a text input field for users to type in their words, and a display area showing the Word Cloud.
It would be dynamic – it would change with every new entry.


It could be used in class or in an online course as an introduction to a new topic – to assess student's prior knowledge of the topic. For example the students may be asked "When you think of topic X – what words com to mined – add them to the word cloud"
It could also be used as a form of a survey (the size of each word indicates the item's popularity – this could be a base for discussion…


I hope you consider this content type


Thank you

New content type - "Word Cloud"
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Hi vatat!

Currenty, collaborative content types are not possible with H5P. An interface that will allow such content types is on the horizon, cmp. the roadmap (Multiplayer session APIs), but may only become available for H5P.com, not for the self-hosted version of H5P.


Thank you for the quick reply
my intention was to use the word cloud in a moodle course
The Multiplayer session APIs sounds like an interesting initiative  - I'll be sure to follow it!

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Hi vatat,

FYI H5P.com integrates with Moodle seemlessly.


Hello !

I was looking for something like that too and I found this : https://vucollaboratehelp.vu.edu.au/help-guides/interactive-tools/h5p-interactives/707-using-the-h5p-word-cloud-tool. This is a Word Cloud Tool. There is also a  "H5P Emoticon Cloud Tool" that works similarly : https://vucollaboratehelp.vu.edu.au/help-guides/interactive-tools/h5p-interactives/703-using-the-h5p-emoticon-cloud. Both content Types are not available on both pages. Do you know if they can be found somewhere or are these internal developments ?

Thanks for any help ; greetings,


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Hi Isabelle,

WordCloud and the rest of the premium content types that are about to be released will be available for all H5P.com subscribers with enterprise or site licenses and all other customers who are paying the standard pricing. In terms of timeline I am not sure exactly when but it is very soon.


Hi BV52 !

Thanks for the clarification ! But I must say though that I share Serettig's fear about the future of H5P. H5P being a freemium product is not a concern for me, but the fact that there is no single license available (only bulk licenses) is. I really hope that single licenses will be available soon...



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These new content types look great, but I must say that I'm concerned that H5P might become a freemium product, if all the new content types that were hinted at several times will only be available with a paid subscription in a cloud environment. Will the multiplayer session APIs at least be ported to the open source base or documented publicly?

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Hi All,

There is a two digit number of new content types that are soon to be released. How soon? Sorry I don't have a the actual schedule but soon. Most of them will be open source like the existing ones, but those that require the multiplayer API will be for H5P.com customers only, at least initially. This is because they should be rewards for those who support the development of H5P by being H5P.com customers and also help make sure that H5P.com stays well ahead of any competing solutions that do not help fund H5P. Also the multiplayer API is not written in PHP (the language used for Moodle, WordPress and Drupal) so we would not be able to share it the same way we share the rest anyway. There will be solutions for single person subscriptions once we have registered businesses in all the relevant countries(for VAT reasons we'll need to register at least in the EU and Australia) and more automation in place.


Hi there,

Are there any updates on this? Do you think 'Word Cloud' capability is coming any time soon?


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the OP (vatat) wrote "my intention was to use the word cloud in a moodle course".

Good news for vatat and other Moodle users, there is a Word Cloud plugin available for Moodle at https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_wordcloud

Hi there,

Any updates? When can we expect to see a word cloud interactive?


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Hi Simon!

It was released in June, see https://h5p.org/live-engagement-tools-released. It's for H5P.com only currently, that's why Papi Jo hinted to the moodle "equivalent".



Ah brilliant!

I'm a .com member so can use it. Great!

Thanks Oliver.