This looks potentially fabulous - it is a must that it can be integrated into Moodle, in my mind.

There is a link to a presentation tutorial which is broken :(

I am trying it out on Wordpress on a MAMP installation, but the presentation and the interactive video doesn't work when I try to edit as I get the message "No such library", which is annoying, especially as it seemed to accept my editing of the interactive video on H5P.

It would also be useful to know what to do with the files that are on Github - I know we can download a zip file, but how do we then use it in Wordpress or Joomla!

I'd love to get the Presentation and the Interactive video working, even if I need to put an outside link to a Wordpress site to get it to work with Moodle.

You asked what feature we would like - I wonder if it is possible to do something like a set of drag-and-place images - i.e. I'd like to play a sound file with 9 different sounds - bells, cars, marketplace, school etc. (the image cards correspond to the places that we hear the sounds for) The learner would listen to them and then after listening would put the sounds in the sequence that they heard them (sequencing from memory) - this could also be used for language learning - listening to questions from old / young / men / women and putting the images in the right sequence.

Thank you anyway for such a great tool - when you file off some of these rough edges it will be truly magnificent - I love it already.

All the best


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we had a similar prob with the plugin for WP, but Github is a version in development (things happen from time to time, as it should). We got it to work beautifully, at least for our needs, with the 'official' release at:

The example with the images you mention should work well with the Drag-and-Drop function (we did a similar thing with DnD within the Presentation module)


Thanks for the feedback and heads-up about the link, Chris! The broken link has been fixed. The Presentation tutorial is located here.

About getting your WordPress plugin to work: You can download the most recently updated H5P plugin from the WordPress plugin directory as Alfredo suggests above, or install the H5P plugin directly from your WP-admin. Read more here.

An H5P for Moodle integration is highly prioritized, and some work here has already been done. However, we are currently looking for help from the community or project funding to realize this. 

As Alfredo also suggests, it would be possible to create a type of learning object you describe above with the Presentation content type. You could add some instructional text, an audio clip and a drag-and-drop question on a Presentation slide to realize it. 


Thank you for the reply.

I've done what you said - ditched my WP Plugin and uploaded yours from the link given but I am still getting the message on the Interactive video and presentations "No such library" :((

I'm on a MAMP install with WP 3.9.

I hope it will finally get to work.

Would it make any difference if I used it on a live, hosted site? I don't know why it would though ..

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we're still in development, but we're running the plugin both live, in MAMP and in XAMPP, without probs. Could be somthing else with your setup. As I said, we had some issues at the beginning, but these were solved with the 'right' plugin (check the closed discussions in , just in case).

FWIW, try it live, see what happens. If it works, you'll have at least something to compare to

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Are you still having issues?
If you've downloaded the plugin from GitHub, you must also make sure that you've downloaded the required sub modules. If you aren't going to be doing any development or customization to the code, I would recommend sticking to the official release of the plugin:

Be aware that just deleting the plugin from wp-content/plugins will not remove the data in the database or uploads folder. I recommend uninstalling and deleting from the plugins page.

Please make sure that reinstalling the plugin does not solve your issues.
If you're still having issues, please check your web servers error log for details and report back.

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The problem you found here was probably because of a bug that appeared when wordpress where running in debug mode. We've fixed this in the version we released today and now H5P works well in debug mode as well.