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I would love to add adaptivity to tasks within the course presentation content type.  

The interactive video tasks have this feature.  There are options for content creators to jump to a specific timecode in the video if:

users get all questions right/wrong.  (Hopefully in the future, a % correct option could be added there as well).  

Currently, it seems there is no way to add such adaptivity to quizzing tasks embedded in an interactive presentation.  

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Add adaptivity
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Hi agian Avi,

Thanks for coming up with suggestions. I can see how this could be usefull in Course Presentation. :)

- Tom

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Thank you Tom, 

Anytime!  I am excited to see all the developments.  I guess the adaptivity for tasks embedded in presentations would be very similar to the interactive video-based adaptivity feature, except learners would be directed to a certain slide # upon answering x% of the questions correctly...
Hopefully others agree?

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Hey Avi,

Yea, it's a "navigation" tool in essence.

- Tom

I was just about to request this feature when I found it here. This would be absolutely brilliant for Course Presentation, especially in surface mode. Great for adaptive level tests!